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The Moisture Hit

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Want luscious, supple skin? Need a Moisture Hit. The newest products in The Fox Tan family are here to keep your glow game strong. This bundle consists of our Sun Tan Sealer and our Hydrating Body Spray. Full of the highest quality Australian ingredients, these are designed to feed your skin anytime, anywhere. Oh, and they smell amazeballs too.

Sun Tan Sealer: Use our Sun Tan Sealer daily to prolong melanin production, and keep your tan game going stronger and longer. Massage into warm damp skin after a shower to lock in that moisture

Hydrating Body Spray: Spray on face and body anytime, anywhere… literally! Keep it in your handbag, in your gym bag, at your desk, wherever you want a hit of hydration. Keep in the fridge an extra refreshing & cooling boost.

Check out each individual products page for a full ingredients list!

Need some questions answered before adding to cart…

I don’t tan well at all, will this help me tan?

Yes it sure will. Our products contain our exclusive ingredient FoxComplex™ that helps build your melanin levels. Melanin production is vital for the tanning process and is what makes you tan darker and faster.

Can I use sunscreen with your products? If so do I apply the sunscreen before or after applying The Fox Tan?

You sure can. We best recommend applying sunscreen first, let it sink into your skin and then start application of The Fox Tan. Keep in mind sunscreen may make the tanning process a little slower.

I’m confused about which product to buy. The Elixir or the Mist?

Our tanning regime has been developed to work amazingly in conjunction with one another. The Elixir contains the maximum dosage of FoxComplex™ and is best used daily like your moisturizer during time of sun/UV exposure. The Mist has been designed for when you’re catching the UV rays and sunbaking. They go together like Kim and Kanye.

Can I use the products in a solarium?

Yes, you definitely can! Our products active with UV exposure. So whether that’s the sun or solarium we’ve got you covered babe!

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